Monday, April 23, 2012

Summertime: Time for Small Shrimp and Big Time Fishin'

Well, it's here again, June came outa nowhere and jumped right up in our laps! Don't ya just hate when that sorta thing happens, but as the sayin' goes, when ya get lemons, ya might as well make Iced Tea, or somethin' like that.
Every time Summer comes along, it seems those big, huge lookin' shrimp take off, so those of us bridge, pier and jetty fishermen, might as well cool our heels til the weather breaks back cooler again and Fall rolls around.
As for the boaters out there, and you know who you are, get ready for the good stuff. The big King are coming inland for their food now. Where ever the pogies are, you know those Kingfish aren't far behind and according to my recollectin', the Pogie schools are coming in closer to the shoreline and the King shadow their every move.
If you can troll or treble hook a live pogie and tie him onto your cleat and throw him, line and all back into the school, it might turn out to be your best chance for catchin' that prize Kingfish, that will in turn be a delectible broiled filet for your evening table and take the other filet to the smoker and turn it in to pure "heaven" on a fork!
Along with the "Big Shrimp" also go the Dolphin, during the doldrums of Summer, Summer is not a favorite time of the year for Dolphin to school. There seemes to be a bad news/good news scnerio going on here, though, that being the bad news, 'cause, the good news is, if you can find the solidary bulls and cows, normally around the reef lines and "blue water lines", they are normally larger and will put up a hell of a fight. Be sure to bring plenty of water along, though, because, they'll bleed like a son of a gun, all over your fighting deck.
Another "good news/bad news" story: the bad news is "hurricane season" brings on some terrible weather to fish in, good news is that after the storms, like Tropical Storm Beryl and such, it churns up the water AND THE BAITFISH pretty good and brings up some wonderful fishing conditions for just about ALL the "Sportfish"!
In the mornings, or early evenings, out on the deeper layers of the flats, or on the edge of the deep channel, redfish are a tasty treat. They usually can be had with using a DOA Shrimp with a Woodie's Rattle Capsule inserted. Using ultra-light tackle on these puppies can give you a thrill of a lifetime, even fighting a smaller redfish, you can feel like your draggin' in a whale.
All in all, there's no such thing as a bad fishin' day, nor a bad fishin' night (speaking of King fishin' at night). What is bad, though, is to not take the time to go out and grab ya' sum' ovem'!
Even with the loss of the larger shrimp, I get excited when we're approaching that lighthouse, fixin' to head east out of Hillsboro Light around 5:30 - 6 a.m., or layin' out in the boat about 11 p.m.-midnight, off the jetties down by the smokestacks of Fort Lauderdale, waiting for my lines to sing that "song of the sea" to me, telling me that a stupendous meal, such as lunch, supper or breakfast won't be far away and with a full stomach I can again lay back and plot my next adventure of our salty prey!
Go get 'um.......

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