Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baitbox Fishing Reels at a Glance

Fishing reels as we know today -the cylindrical device that is attached to a fishing rod and used in winding the line, came into picture around 1650 AD in England and by the 1760s, it gained popularity. Today fishing reels come according to specific types of fishing- spinning reels, bait casting, fly fishing, surf casting, and bait feeder reels. Anglers choose a reel that most complements their fishing technique and brings out the best results.
However, unlike other tackle manufacturers, Bait box does not believe in 'entry level' or beginner range. All the reels, no matter what size come packed with quality deserving of fishermen of every 'level'. Most of these so called 'entry level' reels have 1 - 3 bearings and are constructed at minimal cost but are sold in relatively higher price when the quality and performance of the reel is taken into account. Along with the quality, we also make sure the Bait box fishing reels are good looking reels.
But before you are out there shopping for the reels, isn't it better to know what types of reels go together with what particular style of fishing! If you are a pro and just browsing through, you are well aware of it but the ones who are starting off might require some assistance in this regard and hence we would elaborate a little.
Spinning fishing reels are ideal for long distance casting, works well for light lures, a wide range of range of baits and do not backlash. These are open faced reels with fixed spools that do not revolve while you are casting or retrieve. In order to retrieve the line, you have to turn the reel handle. The bail will revolve round the spool and the line is placed evenly onto the spool. For small pan fish with the lightest pound test lines to heavy duty lines for surf casting and trolling- these reels are most recommended.
Fly fishing reels are simple mechanical construction operated by stripping line off the reel with one hand and casting the rod with the other hand. Nowadays fly reels have more sophisticated disc type drag systems. Saltwater fly reels are also specially designed for use in the marine environment. These are however larger in diameter to provide a large line and more backing.
Bait casting are multiplying reels, with the spool mounted above the rod. Stainless steel, aluminum, graphite and synthetic composite are often used as raw materials of these reels. The graphite made reels are lighter but the aluminum reels are most preferred as they are more stable and rigid. Good quality bait casting always come with high quality bearings made from shielded, double shielded or sealed bearings.
Surf cast reels are the ones that run freely on its axle thereby allowing distance casting. It is used for coarse fishing and is most commonly used in Australia for all forms of freshwater and saltwater fishing.
No matter what your style of fishing is, you need a quality fishing tackle and from branded manufactures. The last thing you want is for the reel to give away just when you are about to reel that nice chunky fish! You would not want to be the one to tell the story of the fish that got away.

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