Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Do Not Miss Saltwater Boating Opportunity

Have you ever been taken to a candystore as a child? You know that enthusiasm that rises up in your every cell, that excitement that can't be contained, that is the exact same feeling I get as I drive down to Miami, in the middle of February and know I am in transit to the finest, best and most audacious power-boatshow on the planet!
There you are driving down that ribbon of highway, known as I-95 south and the palpitations start at about the Hollywood exit, cruising at a nominal rate of speed, you are nearing your playground, only a few more miles to your destination.
A few miles, to be sure, but it will seem like another hundred hours before your knotted stomach can again calm down and your thirst satisfied by the viewing of the most variety of powerboats, one can hope to lay eyes on. Even Disneyworld doesn't hold this much anxiety for me (but it is a close second)!
Overall, there are three venues, in which to enjoy your preview of Florida's largest boatshow, they are: Miami Convention Center, Miamarina at Bayside and Sea Isle Marina, while The Convention Center and Sea Island are particularly for Power-boats, they have positioned Bayside as it's pre-emminent sail-boat showcase.
Featuring over three thousand boats and having more than two thousand vendors, exhibiting, it makes Miami one of the largest boatshows in the world and certainly the largest in Florida.
In the recent past, Miami's Boatshow was reserved for saltwater crafts of all stripes, however this year will introduce diving and diving/boating travel excursion vendors as a new category, they even will have a heated pool for people to try out their diving gear for sale.
The goods for participation, or viewing are always fun and varied, not only do they have all the varieties of watercraft, but also seminars and classes to learn about watercraft/diving and various saltwater tackle available there at the shows.
It's like Barnum and Bailey, Baskin Robbins and DisneyLand all rolled up in one. Everyone in the entire family will enjoy it and if not, I'd start worrying about my family! The circus is coming to town and that circus of fun-filled saltwater, watercraft extravaganza is gonna be in Miami this coming February 14th-18th, 2013 and most every February after that.
It's second only, in boat stuff, in Florida, to the Christmas "boat parade" each December, in Fort Lauderdale for extravagance and excitement.
Go Get 'um!

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